About Us

Just like you, we LOVE TURTLES!

Hello, and a very warm welcome to The Lone Turtle, a small family oriented company. Our  mission is to bring to you, fellow turtle lover, unique and beautiful products that capture the essence and timeless grace of these majestic (and cute!) creatures.

With a philosophy of playing it forward, we have become proud sponsors of  SEE TURTLES  and their Billion Baby Turtles project. ( Give them a visit, they are a truly wonderful and innovative organisation ). 

Billion Baby Turtle Logo

Photo courtesy of  SEE Turtles

Our passion just doesn't stop with the turtles though, we are deeply committed to all  marine creatures and are proud family members of the Marine Conservation Society. (please check them out and give your support to either them or someone similar).

 And finally, we strive to give you, our customer a great friendly service, with hopefully a little humor thrown into the mix :)



Visiting a turtle sanctuary in Vanuatu

 Critically Endangered Young Hawksbill Turtles - Tranquility Island Turtle Sanctuary, Vanuatu.